Sunday, September 14, 2008

Menu Plan Monday - September 15th

Do you ever get that feeling that your life is just passing you by? Sometimes I stop and think how in the world did I get here and I can't believe its fall of '08 already. It feels like just yesterday I was pregnant but now I've got a crazy maniac of a 14 month old son. I get these feelings when the weather starts to change, you know that smell, or when you look outside and the sunshine seems familiar. It's the thing that brings back memories. I've definitely got that feeling so in honor of my trip down memory lane this week will be full of yummy comfort foods. Some tried and true, others a new take on but I promise they will all have you reminiscing, whether its an old memory or just the last bite I can't promise.

Dinner: Ultimate Mac 'N Cheese with Bacon & Peas

There's nothing better than a huge spoonful of ooey gooey mac and cheese on a cool fall day. We're adding salty smoky bacon and crisp peas to make this a meal in itself. Heck we might even add some tomatoes and breadcrumbs on top too!

Recipe and photo courtesy of FoodNetwork.

Dinner:Chicken Enchiladas

You can't go wrong with traditional chicken enchiladas when you want something spicy to warm up your insides. We're sticking with our theme and bringing Tyler Florence's ultimate recipe home this week with this TexMex staple.

Recipe and photo courtesy of FoodNetwork.

Dinner: Crockpot Chicken & Dumplings

An adaptation from the queen of home cooking herself, Paula Deen. I'll be using store bought biscuit dough and of course, changing it to cook in the crockpot. I'm using the leftover chicken from our "Already Married Chicken".

Recipe and photo courtesy of FoodNetwork.

Dinner: Beef Shepherd's Pie

Hearty and heart warming version of an Irish family staple. Potatoes, peas and beef, you just can't go wrong.

Recipe and photo courtesy of FoodNetwork.

Dinner: Hamburgers, Green Bean & Potato Salad

Easy peasy weekend classic American staple. I think I might make this yummy potato salad to go with them too.

Photo courtesy of CookingLight

Breakfast: Early morning at a balloon festival, we'll be eating breakfast out for my dad's birthday!
Lunch: Prolly eating out again!
Dinner: NCAA Football Night Nachos

Tradition started back in the 90's when the Cowboys had the Trio (Akman, Irving, Smith) and I was in middle school. We'd always fix nachos. Nothing fancy, just taco meat, refried beans, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and sour cream. Simple but tastes great when you're cheering on your team! Gig'em Aggies! and begrudgingly, Hook'em Horns (for my hubby)

Breakfast: Oatmeal, toast and jelly
Dinner: TBD, that just seems so far away right now to me.

No shopping list this week, since I have everything I need on hand as its mostly leftovers. But just in case you don't I'd suggest picking up a few cans of enchilada sauce, canned chipotle in adobe, frozen peas, WHITE cheddar but regular cheddar will work just fine too, and a can of biscuits. Oh and ground beef and chicken if you don't have any left.

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Anonymous said...

Mmm...chicken enchiladas! I totally hear you on time flying by. My baby's almost 1. Crazy.