Monday, September 29, 2008

My Favorite Florence - Monday

Ok here we go, kicking off our week of My Favorite Florence recipes is Tyler's Ultimate Chicken Salad Sandwich. I absolutely love a great chicken salad sandwich! Now I'm not super picky like some people and will only eat a savory style or only eat a sweet style, I am a fan of both styles and love to try out lots of different versions. Tyler's Chicken Salad aired way back in Season 3 of his hit show (shows how long I've been a fan, eh? anyways) and his version immediately kicked my traditional chicken salad's butt big time. I mean how could it not when his is served on scrumdillyumptious cranberry brie toast! His chicken salad is a labor of love, like all of his ultimate recipes, but it is so worth the extra time if you can do it.

Now of course if you just don't have the time to poach your own chicken you can always pick up a roasted chicken at your local grocery store. I'd look for one that has a mild flavor.

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