Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My Favorite Things: Part 5

I apologize in advance for last week's edition getting skipped. In all the chaos of back-to-school traffic, late nights at the office and monster being exhausted and well quite frankly a monster since changing rooms in daycare I barely had time to eat. So instead to fix it I'll do another double edition! Stay Tuned.....

I originally stumbled upon these outrageous collars at the TipJunkie. It was love at first sight, and that really says something because I had been searching for the perfect collar for my 100 lb chocolate stud-muffin for YEARS! Yes, you heard me right, I said years. Because after all a collar is the most important part of a dog's identity, it reflects who they are. It reflects who their owner is, what type of relationship they have and the dog's place in the world. Ok, I know I'm putting way too much into this but for some reason it mattered to me. When Noah, that's my beast's name, was a puppy I found the cutest collar that was red and white floral patterned. Think surfer dude. And it was a great fit because he's laid back and goofy, so as he grew I just kept getting the next size up of the collar. It was HIS collar and he wore it well. But after the years it got gross and was discontinued. I looked high and I looked low for a collar that would be right for my mini bear but to no avail and I quietly gave up my search. Noah was getting old and you know it would be fine to have an old collar too, or at least I told myself. Until the day I found Mimi.

Not only are the collars unique and very hip looking, the were born out of the love for a rescue pup. Handmade and no two are exactly alike. They are tough and sturdy using large D-rings with contoured buckles.

Because Noah's a hip cat, check that, I mean hip dog, I had to go with the "hip dog Jackson collar". It reminds me of his old surfer collar but it's still manly enough with it's yellow, green, brown and blue combo. And I can already tell the difference this fashionable collar has made on my pup. Before he was old and worn out like his poor collar, but the minute I snapped this "puppy" around his neck it's like he got a burst of energy and pride again. He struts around the house and neighborhood like he's the handsome dog he has always been.

Now I know we've all got precious pooches so show them some love and catch the great Summer Sale at Mimi Green. You can save 15% off of orders over $50 by using the coupon code MIMI50+ at checkout. And tell her Michelle and Noah sent you ;)

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