Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Favorite Things: Part 4

What is it with women and money? I like to think I used to know how to handle my money, at least I did when there was enough coming in to match what was going out. I grew up working, had my own checking account, when I went to college I got a credit card. Still working and handling my own finances but somewhere along the way I guess I just never really got it. Never had that ah-ha moment where I said "What am I doing, I understand now that I can't keep going like this". I never saved, ok let me rephrase that I never saved more than enough other than to buy something extravegant like a pair of $200 jeans or a new multi-disc cd player for my truck. But I guess at some point you grow up, you get a real job and you start to think about things.

My first real job out of college, I was living with my parents, had no expenses and had lots of disposible income. Obviously I had alot of money to throw away because I decided hey look I'm going to be a financially smart working woman and open up a Roth IRA, this was in addition to my workplace IRA. So where did this little bug that whispered these great ideas come from? Well honestly it was partially my mom, (a great business minded woman), Oprah ('cause she's great inspiration) and the name behind woman power Suze Orman.

Now I'll admit alot of the times she's kind of overbearing, maybe a little hokey and just plain crazy. But bottom line she's got her crap together and she understands our way of thinking. As a wife and a new mommy, I totally understand how important the things she "preaches" about are now. And its hard emotionally to choose to do some of the things for yourself over the innate desire to care for others but I know that by choosing to take care of myself, I can better care for others. I'm not going to say that everything she says is spot on, like with any advice you have to tailor it to your situation but I believe the overall objective works for everyone.

That said I have to put Suz Orman and her financial planning books as my favorite things. And because I believe all women should at least read her advice, even if you don't follow it, I'm posting one of her most recent books. This book was originally available on the Oprah website, of which I'm not sure if it's still there.

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