Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My Favorite Things: Part 3

I'm sure by now you have realized that I love Cooking Light recipes, if you haven't what planet have you been on? I'm not sure when I first found Cooking Light but I do know it was way before they had a website that you could access all of their recipes from. I think I've been a subscriber of the magazine for at least a good 10 years and let me tell you their recipes are some of the best I've ever tasted. I'd say within the last 5 years have they opened up their recipes to the internet user and I'm sooooo thankful. Now I don't have to go digging around my stacks of books looking for a recipe I know I saw in one of the summer issues.

Cooking Light has been on the frontier of low fat, low calorie, eat your veggies and love 'em cooking. Their recipes are unique, inventive and all around great. They have been able to take some of your favorite full fat dishes and rewrite the book on them. I believe about a year ago they partnered up and their website now gives you access to a variety of other magazines, like Southern Living, recipes as well. They have great features for grilling, quick & easy meals, party planning and you have the ability to store all of your favorite recipes on their website, this includes their recipes and your own.

One of my favorite features is a daily email that highlights their "Dinner Tonight" meal. Each day they email a complete menu plan that is quick, easy and always super yummy. This makes menu planning a snap because you can grab 5 to 10 of these "Dinner Tonight" meals and you've got every night planned.

You really have to check them out, you've already seen some of their amazing recipes on my blog so what are you waiting for? Just look for the link on My Favorite Thing section.

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