Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bathroom Design

I've been wanting to redecorate our guest bathroom for awhile now. I've had the same shower curtain and color scheme since college, yes shocking I know. Well I kept it for so long because it matched my bedroom linens and we only recently moved to a house that had a stall shower and got new bed linens. So 7 years later I'm ready to think bathrooms, oh but where to begin? Well function-wise it is the bathroom that guests and our 1 year old son use. So how do I find a nice mix between adult and child, as well as mixing the gust room decor with the nursery? After scouring the internet and my favorite place to get ideas from's RATE MY SPACE. I found it, it's perfect! The design is called I Kissed A Frog and it is the perfect inspiration for our new bathroom.

The color and the frog theme will work perfectly for mixing both rooms. I haven't found any frog towels that I like but I believe these green and ivory towels from Pottery Barn will look great and I can mix and match them with ivory and green towels. Possibly adding frog towels as accents at a later date when I find some that I'm happy with.

The shower curtain will be an ivory waffle weave in classic hotel style. Bathmats of either white or green with coordinating stripe or dot outline will make a clean match for the floor. Black toiletries for the countertop will match the frames of either cartoon or black & white frogs. Actual pictures have yet to be decided upon.

I'm so very excited to have finally found my design and can't wait to begin the process. I'll keep you updated to the finished product.

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