Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Potage Parmentier (Leek and Potato Soup)

So it's potato soup right, that "souper" easy, hehe. I know corny but forgive me I couldn't help it. I've made lots of potato soups before, I LOVE potato soup, it's thick, it's creamy, it fills you up and warms your bones on a chilly afternoon.

The recipe was simple and straightforward: potatoes, leeks, water, salt and cream/butter. I simmered for the required time, so far so good. Now I don't have a vegetable mill, and Julia specifically said not to use the processor, so I figured the blender was out as well. She mentions mashing by hand with a fork but something about leeks mashing didn't work well in my head. So instead I used my mixer with the paddle. Hey it mashes my potatoes for mashed potatoes perfectly, why not! And I could always adjust the speed so not as to "over blend". I drained the veggies, keeping the broth in a pitcher, and pitched them in the mixer. Mush with a few chunks and lots of leek strings, I started adding the broth back in. Seemed like a lot of water to put back in the soup! I reseasoned, and I must admit I had to add a TON of salt, and I'm not a big salt person.

It did not look like potato soup that I'm used to by any means, it looked like water with green onions. And it tasted that way too. VERY watered down compared to my idea of potato soup. So I added the cream, and well at least it began to "look" like potato soup.

Verdict is iffy, maybe it's supposed to be thin and I'm just used to soup that can hold bacon up on top. It's not bad, and prolly much more carb friendly than my old version. I'm hoping that it'll be a bit better reheated since there is a TON. Maybe I'll cheat and use my leftovers for variations on the recipe.

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